Team Rights Respecting


20/11/20 PIC

We discussed friendly and unfriendly behaviour, and used the book, ‘Have You Filled Your Bucket?’ as a discussion point as part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’.  The children sorted friendly and unfriendly behaviour and wrote about the qualities they would like a friend to have.  The children who have recently started at the PIC were able to identify those who had showed kindness and made them feel welcome.  We thought about how we could learn how to be better friends and have decided to purchase some board games to play together.


05/11/20 PIC

We learned about Rosa Parks and discussed her life as part of ‘Black History Month’.  We then created our own anti-racism posters.

We also discussed the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and were really impressed with how the children listened to one another’s ideas and how they expressed their own views.


Black History Month     

Learning about what rights are important to us at home and at school