Family & Community Engagement

At Awel y Môr Primary we realise that in order to attain successful outcomes for our pupils we need to forge a robust, strong, positive relationship and rapport with parents / carers. We feel this approach is the most productive in children achieving their potential. This initiative is valued with such high regard that Awel y Mor Primary possesses its own, bespoke team of Family Engagement.

Our Family Engagement Team works relentlessly, introducing to parents and explaining their role within the school when welcoming new families.

The team will advocate on behalf of families, represent and support them at various Professional’s meetings and liaise closely with the schools ALNCo in order to inform them of the progress of the assessment at regular intervals.

The Family Engagement Team also form the nucleus of the Wellbeing Team. We aim to ensure that whilst attending our school all pupils access their learning in a safe and secure environment. This is reiterated regularly to pupils so they are familiar with whom they can approach if they feel they need to disclose sensitive information which will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

If you are concerned about your child, you are encouraged to approach a member of the team to discuss any worries so that support can be offered, or we can signpost you to another agency.

The Family Engagement Team promote multi-agency collaboration through linking with services throughout the Local Authority or with National charities.
At Awel y Môr Primary School we are able to offer and distribute food bank vouchers to parents / carers who approach the team requesting this support.

The Family Engagement Team supports parents / carers, school staff, and other agencies on various issues that may affect a child’s learning and wellbeing.

These can include:

• Punctuality and attendance

• Changes in behaviour causing detriment to learning

• Low self-esteem and confidence

• Settling in new children

• Transition to a new class, key stage, or another designated school

• Supporting parents or carers with routines, managing behaviour at home etc.

• A point of contact for parents and carers on a daily basis.

• Support for families can also include:

• Providing information and signposting to other services in the local area

• Liaising with a range of external services, agencies and schools

• Assistance in completing paperwork and forms e.g. special educational needs, secondary school applications

• Attendance at school and other agency meetings

• Advice and support in promoting positive behaviour at home and establishing routines

• Providing access to training and workshops in school

Our Family Engagement Workers are:

Gemma Ness (Family Engagement Officer) 07890630729

Vicky Hibben (Wellbeing/ELSA Practitioner)

Louise Morgan-Griffiths (Nurture/Wellbeing Practitioner)

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