Year 1

4th October

This week we received a very exciting letter from Mr Bob, who had taken the wolf that we caught in our traps last week. Mr Bob needs our help to figure out where we should send the wolf to live. To start on that project we have been learning all about fiction and non-fiction texts, learning facts about wolves, and worked in our groups to write down everything we already know about wolves.

This week we have also been learning how to work independently on our class challenges, such as making a numicon number line and matching captions to the pictures. We are getting so good at working independently!

This is us working really hard during our reading carousel. We had lots of fun!


27th September

This week we have been so busy! We have worked so hard to build our wolf traps to catch the wolf, write and edit our character descriptions, practise our handwriting, and much more!

This is us making our own Rube Goldberg machines to figure out how we will get the trap to close on the wolf.


These are our wonderful wolf traps!

We also played some great listening games with Mr Fletcher on Friday, we had so much fun.

Monday 13th September – Friday 22nd September

We have been busy since school started learning the Little Red Riding Hood story and thinking about how we can trap the wolf that was spotted in the playground!

We have been thinking about how different characters from Little Red Riding Hood would feel in different parts of the book and created freeze frames with our friends.

We really enjoy building things in the construction area. Look at all the amazing creations we have made!

We have been busy this week measuring a wolf and practising our measuring skills by measuring our hands.