16.12.21 Merry Christmas!

We really enjoyed eating our Christmas dinner together today and the children helped to create placemats and set the tables. We then had played some Christmas music and had a good dance and played party games. We would like to wish all of our children and families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2022!


08.12.21 Trampoline Park

Today we visited Limitless as a reward for our safe and kind behaviour this term. The children have all worked really hard to collect Dojos and we had a fantastic time! The children were excellent role models for our school, and we look forward to visiting again soon.


03.12.21 Descriptive writing

The children have been writing setting descriptions this week. We began by creating lists of vocabulary and sentence starters and then explored how we could mix and match them to create interesting and detailed sentences. We created a model text based around Hogwarts together and the children then went on to write their own descriptions.



27.11.21 PIC Values

We have been focusing on friendship this week and recapping on our values and behaviours we want to see. We were really impressed with how the children were able to identify the qualities they would like in a friend, and it was lovely to see them helping one another.


18.11.21 WOW Projects

This week some of the children have finished their wow projects by creating some amazing Egyptian models, including an Egyptian tomb and an Egyptian palace. The children have developed their knowledge of Egypt and can recall many facts about ancient Egypt. The children then used this knowledge to plan, design and create their own Egyptian models. Well done everyone, the results are very impressive!


11.11.21 Remembrance Day

We are a Rights Respecting school and have used Rembrance Day to discuss our right to be safe. The children shared their thoughts on what the day means to different people, and completed lots of themed arts and craft activities. We spoke about how we might feel in different scenarios, and what makes us feel safe.


01.11.21 WOW Project

This half term we will be cooking dishes from around the world as part of our wow project. We started off in Wales and the children made some delicious Welsh cakes.


21.10.21 Pumpkin Picking

Today we visited a farm and went pumpkin picking. The children each chose their own pumpkins, which we will carve tomorrow. We enjoyed spending time outdoors and having responsisbilty for making our own choices, and also spent time visiting some of the animals on the farm. Well done PIC, you were safe, responsible and excellent role models for our school.


13.10.21 Well-being Wednesday

This week we have begun ‘Well-being Wednesdays’. The children were given opportunities to engage in yoga, story massage, sensory play and cooking and the feedback from all children was fantastic! The children especially enjoyed using foam and theraputty during the sensory session, and many children expressed that they were feeling calm and relaxed after their yoga session.


08.10.21 Ewenny Pottery

Some children have been on a visit to Ewenny Pottery studios as part of an ongoing art project. The children were really interested by the demonstration given, and thought of lots of useful questions that would help them when creating their own models back at school. As always, the children were excellent representatives of our school. Thank you very much to the staff at Ewenny Pottery for making the visit possible.


04.10.21 Gallery Art

We have been busy creating pictures to hang in our new playroom. The children got creative by creating a picture to be framed and hung on the wall. They could choose anything they wanted and we love how unique each picture is! We can’t wait to see them hung on the wall.


01.10.21 Board Games

We have been consolidating our sharing, listening and turn-taking skills using our new board games this week.  The children have involved everyone in the games and have waited patiently when wanting to play a game being used by others. We have all had lots of fun playing some classic and new games this week.


23.09.21 Making Playdough

The children had a great time getting stuck into some messy play today by making their own play dough. They applied their numeracy skills to follow the recipe and adjusted the quantities as needed to get the consistency and texture they preferred. They made their recipes unique by adding their own chosen scents and colours.


21.09.21 Ruby’s Worry

Today we focused on the story ‘Ruby’s Worry’ during our circle time session. The story acted as a good starting point for talks around anxiety and worries, and it was reassuring that all children were able to identify worries they had overcome (and how they had achieved this).

We have also been working on our number skills in maths lessons with some children focusing on subitising (being able to recognise the number of objects in a small group without counting them) and others working on alternative strategies to counting on e.g. adding ten and subtracting one to calculate 8 + 9.


14.09.21 Wow Projects

This week we have begun our ‘Wow Projects’, with some children choosing to focus on the work of Vincent Van Gogh as part of a wider art project. The children have researched the artist and his life, and created work in his style using a range of media. We are so impressed with their attention to detail, and the finished results look amazing!

We have also resumed our cooking lessons this week. We have made a Matilda inspired chocolate fudge cake for ‘Roald Dahl Day’ and flapjacks – both were delicious!


09.09.21 Welcome Back!

Welcome back PIC!  Well done on a fantastic first week back everyone.  You have followed instructions and those of you that have changed classes have responded to your new teachers really well.  Please take a look at out curriculum web below to find out what we will be learning about this half term.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Web


16.07.21 Goodbye and good luck Kieran, Yv and Oliver! 

Today we said goodbye to three of our year six pupils. We are so incredibly proud of everything you have achieved during your time at the PIC, and it has been a privilege watching you grow. You are kind, hardworking, funny and caring and have made us smile every day. Good luck in your new schools – we know you are all going to do so well. We look forward to hearing all about how you are getting on when you come back and visit for our coffee mornings.


23.07.21 Food Bank Donations

We have been busy collecting food donations to support less fortunate people during the school holidays. This has been another aspect of our work about acts of kindness, and we are very proud of the enthusiasm and empathy the children have shown. Well done PIC!

08.07.21 Pen-Pals

After seeing an online appeal for pen-pals for the residents of a local care home, we decided to write some letters and send some pictures to cheer them up.  We have been talking about acts of kindness and the children were delighted to see that the residents had received their letters. We are looking forward to reading our replies!


30.06.21 Sensory Play Area

Following the development of our outdoor area, the children have benefited from using our new sensory play area outdoors. This has included use of the sandpit, mud kitchen and water wall. We are currently spending time establishing the rules and allowing the children to explore. We are very impressed with how well the children have played together, and are so pleased with the opportunities this play has provided to promote pro-social skills and open ended discussion.  We have also been pleasantly surprised with how quickly this area has enabled the children to engage in role-play and imaginative play, and look forward to developing this further as we introduce other resources to the children.


24.06.21 Exciting Changes!

We are making some exciting improvements to our outdoor area and the children have been extremely helpful during ongoing developments. Today they created a new messy area outdoors. They worked collaboratively, followed instructions, and responded to guidance. We are so proud – thank you! Pictures of the completed area will follow!


23.06.21 Learning to Play Chess

The children have been very enthusiastic when learning how to play chess this week. They have been patient and listened well when learning the rules of the game. We have invested in a ‘How to Play Chess’ rule book to help us along the way, and the children hope to hold a chess tournament soon.


18.06.21 Good Luck Mr McBride

We would like to wish Mr McBride the best of luck as he moves on from the PIC to an exciting new opportunity. He  will be missed by staff and children, and has had such a positive impact on all of the children he has worked with. Thank you for everything – we will miss you!


15.06.21 Healthy Eating Week

We tasted fruits and made healthy fruit salads and other recipes as part of healthy eating week. Many children tried foods they had never tasted before, and used our cooking equipment safely and responsibly.


08.06.21 Rights Respecting School

We are a Rights Respecting School and our article for June is ‘The right to life and to be healthy’. Mr Pughsley brought his bike into school and spoke to the children ahead of his Iron Man competition in September. The children were very inspired and able to identify ways that they keep healthy.


25.05.21 Yoga with Mr T

The children have been accessing yoga as a regulating and mindful activity. We have mixed classes for the sessions to allow some of our older pupils to act as role models, which has been really successful. They have enjoyed the responsibility and all children were focused, calm and engaged during sessions.


19.05.21 Rugby Training

Well done Max on the effort and perseverance you have shown this week when practising your rugby skills. We are all impressed with how your technique has developed and are so proud of your enthusiasm and willingness to keep trying to improve. Click on the link below to see Max in action.



18.05.21 Making Fudge

The children really enjoyed making fudge this week and we have been really impressed with how well the children have engaged with all of our nurturing activities. We are very proud of our more recent starters at the PIC who are now developing an understanding of our rules, routines and expectations.


17.05.21  Missing Numbers

We have been solving missing number problems according to our ability. This has included work on number bonds to ten for some children, and mental additions and subtractions and carrying numbers for others. The children have persevered with using their chosen strategies and demonstrated their recall of a range of number facts.


07.05.21 Maths and Literacy

This week we have been learning about place value and identifying the value of each digit in three and four digit numbers. The children were able to represent each value using Diennes blocks and partition numbers into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

Well done to the children for showing perseverance when completing your national tests this week – we are very proud!


06.05.21 Co-operating and Playing Together

The children have had lots of fun playing structured games together this week. This has ranged from playing dodgeball in the hall to playing tag and others games outdoors. We have been really impressed with the children’s co-operation and how they have been happy to include a range of peers in their play. We have also been really impressed to see some children using the strategies we have been working on together to resolve conflict.


27.04.21 Ice Cream Sundaes

This week we have continued writing instructions and made delicious ice cream sundaes! We have been learning about verbs and adverbs. The children are developing a much better understanding around the language associated with punctuation and grammar. The children enjoyed loading on their favourite toppings and  also thought of names for their ice creams like, ‘The Chocolate Pick and Mix Deluxe’.


23.04.21 New Arrivals

We have some exciting new arrivals at school in the form of fluffy chicks. The children have observed the changes as they hatched from their eggs and almost doubled in size. The children have been extremely safe and gentle when handling the chicks. Calla read some information about how to make the chicks feel safe, and was so gentle that the chick fell asleep in her hands!


21.04.21 Making Pizzas

The children made their own pizzas today and selected their chosen toppings from a range of healthy ingredients. We discussed how we can like/dislike the same and different things, and how having a difference in opinion is ok. Tomorrow we will use this experiential learning to write instructions in our literacy lesson. The children gave their pizzas a ten out of ten!


20.04.21 Outdoor Learning

This week we have been making the most of the beautiful weather and have been doing lots of learning outdoors. We have created art using natural objects and played team games on the school fields. We also went on a walk to the park and were really impressed with the children’s safe behaviour and the kindness they showed to one another.


14.04.21 Welcome back! 

We have enjoyed welcoming the children back after our Easter break. We have begun our storytelling in literacy, with some children choosing the story they would like to retell and identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives  in their chosen text. The children also made rainbow toast and created their own designs.


12.04.21 Curriculum Map

Please take a look at our new curriculum map for the next half term.  Our nurturing theme is ‘Feelings, Anger and Coping Strategies’.  We will be identifying and naming our feelings and helping the children to further develop coping strategies for a range of feelings (including anger and anxiety).  We will celebrate a number of events and awareness days to further enrich our curriculum, as well as cooking, gardening and learning outdoors.

Summer 1 Curriculum Web


26.03.21 Happy Easter

We would like to wish all of our children and families a happy and healthy Easter!  We hope you enjoy the break and would like to share some activities that you may wish to complete over the Easter holidays on a rainy day (hopefully there won’t be too many!).

Easter Activities


24.03.21 Natural Art

Today we were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy to create our own pictures using natural objects. We looked at and discussed his work, collected natural objects outdoors, and then used them to create our own art.

We also celebrated Lucy’s tenth birthday today. We had a party to celebrate and the children all managed changes in routine very well. We danced, ate party food and played games. Lucy even made a speech – happy birthday Lucy!


23.03.21 Spring

Spring has most definitely sprung at the PIC! We have created paintings and pictures inspired by spring flowers, and have also enjoyed some Easter themed cooking. Later on this week, we will be creating collages using found natural materials.


15.03.21 Reports

The children have completed reports based around their interests, ranging from horse riding to space. We have researched, planned and written our reports. Our grammar focus has been around consistently using a capital letter and full stop to punctuate.  The children have really persevered and out a lot of effort into their writing, and we are very proud.


11.03.21 Forest School

The children have been safe, responsible and respectful during forest school sessions. They have practised fire lighting skills in a controlled environment, and also made and decorated bird houses.

We have also made smoothies this week, experimenting with different ingredients and flavours. Our favourite was flavour was strawberry and pineapple.


10.03.21 Developing Independence

The children have been developing their independence in cooking sessions this term, and with a little guidance were able to make spaghetti bolognese from scratch this week. Their chopping skills have really improved and they enjoyed sharing the finished dish with their peers.

We have also had a focus on developing the children’s independence in maths activities through the use of practical resources such as numicon and tens frames.


03.03.21 World Book Day 

The Children were really engaged when participating in an online illustrator class as part of World Book Day.  They showed focus and paid great attention to detail – well done!

The children have also thoroughly enjoyed more creative activities, including making love spoons and creating art using wax crayons and a hair dryer! This activity opened up lots of really nice discussion around changes to materials and colour mixing, and the finished result looks amazing!


01.03.21 Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

Happy St David’s Day! We have had fun celebrating all things Welsh today. We have tasted Welsh foods, made leek and potato soup and played rugby. Tomorrow we will continue this theme with some crafts and more cooking.


26.02.21 Art Attack

This week the children have completed their art projects. They have created some amazing collaborative and individual pieces on canvases kindly donated by the Wellbeing Team.  We absolutely love them and they have really brightened up the PIC. We were impressed with how the children were able to compromise and communicate their ideas to one another.

Please take a look at the video and photographs below which show the painting processes. Thank you to the Wellbeing Team for funding and running the project.



24.02.21 Mental Addition Strategies

This week in maths we have been working on a range of mental addition strategies, and have used a range of practical resources to support us. Some children have been adding three and five numbers together e.g. 5 + 3 + 5 or 8 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 3 by using the strategy ‘make ten’. The children have spotted pairs of numbers which total ten and then added on the number that is left. They have tried really hard to use this strategy instead of counting on from each number.

Well done Lucy and Elijah for the patience you showed when working together to complete a really complex model during LEGO Therapy. You each understood your role really well, and showed excellent listening skills throughout the activity.


12.02.21 Happy Half Term!

We would like to wish all of our children and families a happy and healthy half term! It has certainly been a strange half term, and we are looking forward to everyone returning to school.  A huge well done to all of the children who have been working really hard when learning at home. Another huge well done to the ‘Hub Heroes’ who have attended school. You have all really impressed us with how well you have adapted to changes!


13.02.21 Food Bank – Acts of Kindness

During the most recent lockdown we have talked a lot about acts of kindness, gratitude and helping others. We have created a box to donate to our local food bank.  This idea was initiated by, and donated to by the children after talking about people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Well done PIC, we are very proud!


10.02.21 Sensory Circuits ‘Pick and Mix’

Following some helpful demonstrations from Mr McBride over the last half term, we have created a Sensory Circuits ‘Pick and Mix’ to support you in creating your own Sensory Circuits courses at home.  Please refer to our previous posts if you would like a demonstration reminder, or for further information about Sensory Circuits activities.  A brief reminder of the structure of a session is:

  • 20 seconds alerting activity
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds organising activity
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds calming activity
  • 10 seconds rest

Please choose an activity from each section (alerting, organising, calming) to create your own Sensory Circuits activities.  Change the activities to create a new course each time!

Sensory Circuits Pick and Mix


05.02.21 Wellbeing

Thank you to Andrew from the Wellbeing Team for visiting and creating some lovely artwork with the children. This has inspired us to create a bigger art project, which we will continue with Andrew next week – we can’t wait to show you the finished results!


03.02.21 Wellbeing Week

We have completed lots of wellbeing activities this week as part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’. The children have especially enjoyed creating clay figures to represent a happy lockdown memory. The models will be displayed in the school foyer. We were really impressed with the children’s focus and attention to detail.

As always, we have also had lots of fun playing together and laughing together.


02.02.21 Sensory Circuits

Please find the link to our third sensory circuits video below. We hope these exercises are helping you feel focused and stay on track!



30.01.21 Children’s Mental Health Week and National Storytelling Week

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week. We will continue to access Wellbeing activities at school, and you may wish to complete some of the activities in the calendars linked previously, or have a go at the new calendar published by ELSA Support for this February.

Next week is National Storytelling Week.  Please take a look at some additional activities that you may want to complete alongside our other home learning.  We look forward to seeing which ones you decide to complete!

National Storytelling Week


29.01.21 Routines

Please check out the information below published by ELSA Support, which gives information around the benefits of routines for children. There are no right or wrong routines, and whatever works best for your children and your family is the best routine for you to follow. If you would like any support or visual resources to help you establish routines at home during the school closures (or after), please do not hesitate to contact us! We hope you are all settled at home and have a lovely weekend.


27.01.21 Tie-dyeing 

Thank you to Mrs Ness who kindly donated us resources to tie-dye today. The children really enjoyed getting creative, and we are looking forward to seeing the finished results tomorrow.


Home Learning

BBC Bitesize have some really interesting and fun learning to support you during lockdown. Next week, Sir David Attenborough is a special guest.

It has been lovely catching up with children via teams this week. Thank you to Dylan for showing me how to share screens simultaneously and helping me to draw a picture together. It was also fun seeing some of the things you enjoy doing and watching on your computer at home. Thank you to Alfie for sending us some pictures to show all of the amazing learning you have been doing at home!  You have been very busy and your maths and phonics skills are fantastic – well done!


25.01.21 Sensory Circuits

Please find the link to our next sensory circuits activities. We hope you enjoy the obstacle course!


  • 20 seconds alerting activity
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds organising activity
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 20 seconds calming activity
  • 10 seconds rest
  • (Repeat as needed)



22.01.21 Well-being Activities

Please find below the links to some well-being calendars. They contain daily activities to help improve children’s emotional wellbeing and promote a healthy, positive mindset. The resources were originally created by ELSA during the first lockdown period (so the months date from April through to June), but the activities are just as useful, helpful and relevant today. You might want to try starting a calendar at the beginning of next month, or could just as easily dip in and out of activities as you see best.


ELSA Support April Wellbeing calendar

ELSA Support May Wellbeing Calendar

Wellbeing Calendar for June


19.01.21 Cooking

The children have been very busy cooking this week and have made excellent use of their maths skills in a practical context by weighing ingredients and timing cooking times.

The children have also enjoyed getting outside and using the bikes and scooters this week.  They have shown kindness and consideration to others, as well patience and co-operation when taking turns.

We continue to be impressed with the effort children are putting into their home learning and have enjoyed catching up with everyone during our Teams meetings.


14.01.21 Maths 

This week in maths we have been learning about the multiples of numbers and identifying number patterns using multiplication grids. We have been really impressed with the children’s paired learning and how they have supported one another through challenges.  A big well done to all children attending school for how well you have adapted to changes this week.


Home Learning

We have been really impressed with all of the children’s home learning. Mr T’s class have been really enthusiastic during their online phonics sessions – well done boys, keep up the good work.

A special well done to Elijah who has been very busy with maths and literacy activities at home, as well as completing his sensory circuits.  Take a look at the link below to see him in action.




12.01.21  Sensory Circuits

Sensory Circuits is a sensory motor skills programme that helps children and young people become more organised and achieve the ‘just right’ level of alertness they need to help them prepare for the day’s learning.  This can be used at the beginning of the day, or at intervals to help children refocus and help get them ‘ready’ for an activity.  A sensory circuits cycle will consist of the following:

  • Alerting activity (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10-20seconds)
  • Alerting activity (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10-20seconds)
  • Organising activity (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10-20seconds)
  • Calming activity 20 seconds)
  • Rest (10-20seconds)

Please take a look at the video below with further instructions and a demonstration from Mr McBride.  We will be posting a different video each week.  Please take any pictures or videos of yourselves completing your sensory circuits – we would love to see!

Thank you to Calla for being our camera lady during the filming.

Sensory Circuits 1


08.01.20  Home Learning Grid

If your child is learning from home during the school closures, then here are some suggested topic activities that they may wish to complete at home alongside their online maths and literacy learning.

Houses and Homes Home learning activity grid


08.01.20 New Topic

Our topic this half term is ‘Houses and Homes’, and we will be asking the big question …

What makes a house a home?

Please take a look at our topic map to see some of the things we will be learning about, and the areas of learning we will be covering.

Sp1 Houses and Homes


05.01.21  Coronavirus Explained

Following the stricter lockdown rules being put in place over the Christmas holidays, the e-books linked below may be helpful in explaining to the children the ongoing COVID restrictions.  These are texts we have used with the children in school, so they should be familiar with them.  They can be used as starting point to discuss and reassure any anxieties and worries that the children may have.  Please click on the links below to access the books.






11.12.20 Christmas

We have been celebrating Christmas in the PIC this week.  Thank you to Lucy for decorating our tree and looking after it all week.   We have completed lots of Christmas crafts and some of the children created cards for chosen adults.

In literacy lessons we have been retelling the story of ‘The Nativity’.  We began by listening to the story and talking about our own experiences of appearing in a Nativity or Christmas play.  We then used our story maps to write out own retellings, focusing on using story language and punctuating our sentences.

Finally, we used an online PowerPoint to create our own story books using our written retellings.  Some children even innovated the story by changing the character names.  Please take a look at some of the children’s retellings by clicking on the links below.  You might even recognise the names of some of the characters in Dylan’s retelling!

Max Nativity Story

Dylan Nativity Story


04.12.20 Rainforest Writing

Following our visit to Plantasia the children used story maps to support writing a recount of events.  We have also identified the features of reports and written facts about chosen animals in preparation for our report writing next week.


02.12.20  Working Together

We have been really impressed with the children’s co-operation and team work this week.  This has ranged from paired learning in literacy activities to building a huge track around our Sensory Circuits equipment.  They have been able to listen, negotiate and find a compromise with support.


27.11.20 Visit to Plantasia

Today we visited Plantasia in Swansea to learn more about the rainforest for our topic.  We saw lots of exciting animals, and had lots of fun exploring!  The children all demonstrated safe, responsible behaviour and were excellent representatives of our school.  Well done everybody!

26.11.20 Time

This week in maths we have had a focus on time.  We are learning to tell the time according to our ability and have been using our analogue teaching clocks to help learn ‘past’ and ‘to’ times, as well as how this looks on a digital clock.



22.11.20 Team-Building! 

We have been really impressed with how the children have welcomed our new pupil this week.  They have been really kind and considerate friends, and worked really well as a team when building with the construction resources outdoors.


20.11.20 Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have had a focus on kindness as part of Anti Bullying Week, and used the book ‘Have You Filled Your Bucket?’ as a discussion point.  We have had lots of discussions around friendly and unfriendly behaviour, and how we can be good friends.  The children who have recently joined the PIC were able to identify those who had made them feel welcome and how.  We sorted friendly and unfriendly behaviours, and thought about the qualities we would like a friend to have.

As part of our ‘Rainforest’ topic we have been learning more about animals that live in the rainforest, and the children were shocked at the effects deforestation is having.  We learned about food chains and created our own food chains, and also wrote descriptions of rainforest animals using lots of adjectives and similes.


13.11.20 Children in Need

The children have been very busy today!  We used the measuring skills we have been practising this week to compare and measure our heights using Pudsy bears, each measuring 25cm.  We also made biscuits using the cutters kindly donated by Elijah’s Mammy – thank you!



11.11.20 Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and have written about Remembrance Day, created art work and posters and decorated pebbles.  All children were very respectful during our minute silence and some children shared their own thoughts and feelings of what they were thinking about.


We placed our poppies on the war memorial in Vivian Park and then enjoyed playing in the park.  The children were all sensible, safe and asked to have another minute silence at the memorial, which was really thoughtful.



In maths we have been measuring length, height and distance.  The children have made good use of the measuring equipment in practical contexts,  and some children have been measuring very accurately to the nearest cm.


10.11.20  Beginning Our Topic

The children began learning about the rainforest today and they created pictures inspired by some of the images we had seen.  Dylan created a picture on the C-Touch to show some of the layers of the rainforest and used the copy and paste functions.  The children were all concerned with the issue of deforestation and we researched some of the sanctuaries that care for orphaned orangutans.  The children decided that Zorro was their favourite!


05.11.20 Bonfire Night

We used sparklers to celebrate Bonfire Night and the children created art work inspired by fireworks.



02.11.20  New Topic

Our Topic in the PIC this half term is Rainforests.  We will be asking the big question …

Is the rainforest going to disappear?

Please take a look at our topic map to see some of the things we will be learning about, and the areas of learning we will be covering.

What would you like to learn about the rainforest?



23.10.20  Halloween

We had lots of fun celebrating Halloween in the PIC!  We enjoyed carving pumpkins, telling spooky stories and dressing up for the school disco.  We also created Halloween poems, and some children have been very interested in learning about castles.


20.10.20 Retelling Stories

In literacy we have been working on the story ‘Flat Stanley’.  We have been focusing on using a capital letter and full stop to punctuate our sentences, and using the conjunction ‘and’.  We have been so impressed with the progress the children have made, and they have written some fantastic character descriptions and retellings.  We also wrote questions we would like to ask ‘Flat Stanley’.


Coastal Schools 12.10.20

Some children have been attending Coastal School sessions at the local beach. They have been searching for natural objects, playing games and enjoying exploring the natural environment.  They have kept themselves and others safe, and been excellent role models and representatives of our school – well done everyone!



05.10.20 Cooking

The children have been enjoying weekly cooking sessions, and are really developing their independence when using equipment.